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What is
When a local restaurant prepares a special for the day, they will usually write it on the "Specials Board".
Some restaurants might even post it on their website, or send you an email for future events. This works well if you:
  1. Are a local who knows the restaurants around you
  2. Happen to be walking by that restaurant
  3. Keep meticulous record of all emails for future events is a free service that delivers those specials and promotions to you, all day, every day. You don't have to drive by and you don't have to check the websites of all your favorite restaurants. You can find out about specials as soon as they become available. You can access this information via:

  • This website @
  • Any mobile phone: iPhone - BlackBerry - Android - Windows Mobile - Nokia (Symbian)
  • Your facebook account
  • Your twitter account
  • Even e-Mail updates if you choose

This service also works when you travel, select a new Local Area when you are out of town and get instant access to the "local advantage".

Now, when your favorite chef goes to the farmer's market in the morning to find your favorite fresh ingredients and decides to add it to the menu that day, you will be the first to know.
When the manager of a restaurant runs a two-for-one special because they are having a slow night, you will be the first to know.
And when the restaurant schedules upcoming events or holiday specials, they will show up in your upcoming list so you can plan ahead.

This service uses the latest Push technolgoy to deliver updates to you. You don't have to remember to check for new promotions. And you get to make your own favorite list, so you only get updates from the restaurants you like.

And best of all, it is free...

Savory App is the product of Impact App, LLC.