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Login & Registration:

Free registration is recommended but not required. Without a login, the app will use GPS to find your location and display offers and events near you. Registered users can browse offers in different areas, create favorites in restaurants and types of food, get recommendations based on your preferences, and choose to receive push notifications from the restaurants you like. There are drawings for registered users, please check the website for details.


The bottom tab-bar provides quick access to the 4 main sections of this app, the first 3 list different types of offers, and the 4th to access extra settings and information. Offers are displayed as rows in a table. Logo on the left, name of offer in bold with a short description below it. The small number at the bottom-right is a count of people who like this offer, tap or touch the row to get the full details. Use the Options button (top-right) to display only your favorites, show Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner, and sort the results.
The Offer Details screen displays all information on the offer. Time and availability, locations, detailed description, and buttons to: Add to Favorite, Share with a friend, Like the offer, visit the restaurant's website, call the restaurant, and get directions on how to get there.


This is a list of savory offerings, specials, unique chef creations, and creative pairings.
If it is listed here, it is available today.
hint: Swipe the row to 'like' the offer.


A list of discounts, limited-time promotions, coupons, and bargains. Watch this section for unique instant opportunities that may show up at the spur of the moment. If it is listed here, it is available today.


This tab lists offers coming in the future. Allowing you to plan ahead and make sure you are available for the special offer. The day an offer becomes available, it will move from the Future Events to either Specials or Discounts.


This tab has several functions:

  • Location: Set how the app determines where you are, choose Use GPS or Select an Area. Choosing an area is very useful to research a place before you get there.
  • Favorite Restaurant: Pick your favorite places to eat. When viewing offers, you can limit the list to your favorites only.
  • Types of Food: Whether you like Italian/French or any other cuisine, keep the list of offers more relevant by limiting it to what you like.
  • Suggest a Restaurant: If you know of a place not listed that you'd like to get updates from, use this form to let us know, we'll contact them and notify you when they join.
  • Login & Registration: Create a new account or login to your existing account. If you previously registered on the web or another phone, just enter your email and password, we'll retrieve your info. You only have to do this once and its free.