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Select a local area where you regularly go to eat. This will limit your list of promotions to ones that are available in your local area only. You can always change this as needed.

select 18 Carmel Valley Area
select 24 San Luis Obispo Area
select 25 Santa Barbara Area
select 26 Hawaii
select 28 Lane County
select 31 San Diego
select 33 Albuquerque
select 40 Cape Cod
select 48 Orange County
select 53 San Jose Area
select 65 Cottleville
select 57Arizona > Tucson Area
select 19Arizona > Phoenix/Scottsdale
select 1California > Central Valley > Fresno Area
select 2California > Central Valley > Modesto Area
select 3California > Central Valley > Visalia Area
select 46California > Central Valley > Bakersfield Area
select 63California > Northern California > Humboldt County
select 6California > Northern California > Napa Area
select 8California > Northern California > Bay Area
select 47California > Southern California > Palm Springs
select 23FloridaFlorida
select 20New JerseyNew Jersey
select 36New Mexico > Santa Fe
select 64New YorkNew York
select 34PanamaPanama
select 35TennesseeTennessee
select 42Tennessee > Knoxville Area
select 29Texas > Midland
select 22Texas > Dallas
select 50Washington State > Spokane