About SavoryApp.com
SavoryApp.com is a service that delivers the latest promotions, specials and events to your customers.
They can access this information through a variety of methods that they can choose from:

This service will always be free to the end user regardless of how they choose to get their updates.

Subscribing to the service
You can start by registering here.
Monthly fee is $25.00 per month.

There are no long-term contracts or commitments. The monthly fee is automatically charged to your credit card, you can stop your subscription and restart it whenever you like.
It doesn't get any easier, and you have nothing to risk.

Feedback and Reports
As a subscriber, you now have access to a wealth of instant reports:
  • How many people have me on their favorite list
  • How many subscribers have seen this promotion or event
  • When are people checking for latest updates
  • Where do my subscribers come from, where are they
  • Besides me, who else do they subscribe to
  • What type of events are being saved by subscribers
  • And more data than you thought possible....